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The 1911-A1 is designed for following firearm models only:

  • Smith & Wesson 1911
  • Remington 1911
  • Colt 1911
  • Ruger 1911
  • Springfield 1911  (most)
  • Kimber 1911 (most)
  • Sig Sauer  1911 (most)
  • Ed Brown 1911 (most)

Note: IDENTILOCK 1911-A1 does not fit Springfield 1911 TRP. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Won’t recharge

I purchased my lock about 6 months ago and the battery ran down. When I went to recharge it it will not recharge and stopped working. Since it no longer will charge it is just a worthless paper weight.

Dhiraj yadav


Without this trigger guard your gun is unsafe from children and you can get killed.

I keep my weapon at arms reach when my family goes to sleep at night. With this trigger guard I don’t have to worry about my 9 year old picking it up while I am out of the room in the morning. It keeps the gun very safe from unauthorized use. When it comes time to defend my home, I pick up my 1911 45 acp as if to engage, as I raise my weapon, my finger naturally finds the print reader, the spring loaded trigger guard automatically separates from the weapon and falls to the ground. My thumb then drops the safety and I am ready to engage, timed 1.1 seconds is my fastest time to pickup, drop guard and engage. My last trigger guard was also a print reader, but it was not in the natural position as you pick up the weapon. You pick up the weapon, hold it awkwardly, read your print, grab the guard and remove it, then you must change to acquire a combat grip, acquire the target and drop the safety. My fastest time with it was 3.8 seconds. Now that may not sound like a lot, but three times longer, and I have to acquire a different grip to prepare the weapon to fire, just to many variables. As a former LE Officer who has been in a high stress shooting situation off duty, if it would have taken me over 3 seconds to prepare my weapon and aquire my target, I would have been killed. If you can’t prepare your weapon and acquire your target in under 2 seconds you have no business having it, because chances are, the bad guy will take your gun from you and maybe use it against you, if it takes you longer than 2 seconds then practice, practice, practice. To succeed in a confrontation you need to grab your weapon once and have it in the ready position, if you have to change your grip, you will die. This trigger guard allows me that advantage, and in under 1.2 seconds I can lay down effective and accurate lead into my target to get my family out safely. I have looked at everything on the market and this product will keep you and your family alive.

Milon Whittier
Identilock for 1911-A1

Great safety device for this application.
Works as advertised and very easy to set up.
Thanks for a Great Product.

Joseph Gonzalez
Excellent product, V2 should fit a light

I love the idea and functionality of this product. It would be awesome if you could make version 2 to be able to accommodate a weapon light. Preferably a stream light tlr 1 but in the ball park for others.


Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe any dirt or residue off your IDENTILOCK. Be sure to clean your fingerprint sensor gently and with ease.