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The Sig Sauer is designed for following firearm models only:

    • Sig Sauer P226 Variants
    • Sig Sauer P229 Variants
    • Most Sig Sauer P22X Variants
    Note: IDENTILOCK SIG-A1 does not fit P226-Legion/SAO. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 304 reviews
Everything they claim plus more !!

We have grandchildren and guests with small children in our home regularly. So, for decades my firearms have remained in a safe or locked box. With home invasions in the news so often, my wife (not a gun or anti-gun person) requested I obtain a biometric tabletop safe and keep a handgun accessible. I tested three of the quick draw (holster) type bedside safes returned each of them. All failed either in their overall quality of construction or in their recognition reliability (finger print). I was not going to bet my life or those of my loved ones on any of them. I decided to give identilock a try (4th time is a charm right). It fit my Springfield XDS-45 perfectly. The fingerprint recognition while a bit more tedious during the scanning process,... is absolutely 100% reliable. After programming it will recognize your finger even if placed on it backwards or upside down. It falls clear of the gun in less than a half second. I added a TYC TAQ Magnetic Gun Mount to the side of the bed rail to render absolutely the most discrete storage (hidden under the comforter) and fastest access (right where my strong side hand lands while lying in bed) that could possibly exist. Workmanship and materials are superb. Fingerprint recognition is flawless and faster than they claim! Thank you Identilock. Now, please these available home defense shotguns (the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500). There are those of us who would much rather face down an intruder with the reliable long gun than the pistol. Chuck Aiken, SC (NRA Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun instructor, SC CWP instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer).

great product!

Piece of cake set-up, locks tight, unlocks easy. a great buy! :)

Fits Dan Wesson 1911

I had a scare the other day, my house alarm went off at 2:30a and my gun was in another room. I couldn't put the gun in my nightstand because I have a toddler running around and lock&key would take too long to access. A gun safe with finger print readers are slow and bulky. Identilock is perfect based on my research, but I was hesitant to buy this product since my Dan Wesson Heritage 1911 hasn't been tested. However, support assured me that I can return it if it doesn't fit so I went ahead with it.

I'm happy to report that it does fit the Dan Wesson Heritage (and probably other Dan Wesson 1911 models). The enrollment is not intuitive, but watching the video helps. You just need to scan your finger flat at a few position 8 times, if it's red you have to keep doing it until it turns green. Once it's enrolled, it unlocks just as fast as an iPhone. Also, I learned that the magazine needs to be out when you're locking it. You can insert the magazine in after it's locked (designed for safety). Oh, the the charger is USB-C which is very nice as micro USB is old technology. You're looking at this site, you should go for it.

Best investment I have ever made

Like the title says best investment I have ever made! This lock safe Works excellent exclamation exclamation beyond my wildest dreams. This is a true review from a real person. At first it's a little confusing on how to set up your fingerprint but once you understand it it's super easy. I think they should make a video on how to do it.


The lock works perfectly and fast. I really helps to keep grandkids hands off a unsafe weapon. I set mine and wife's print for the lock. I have tried gandkids fingerprints and others on the lock. Only works with mine and the wife's print. I was looking for a lock that is quick to unlock but safe with grandkids.

Gun lock

Very secure and easy to program. Very fast recognition and unlock. One sore spot, not on IDENTILOCK, on the Glock store, they advertise this item as a universal Glock they are unaware that the G 43 and 43x are not supported.

Works as advertised

Opens as quickly as in the demo videos

The best quick access trigger lock on the market

I've been waiting for a fingerprint trigger lock to come to market that would actually work. Well, it's here now in the Indentilock! i can now leave my 1911 in the bed stand drawer without worrying that any kids can get a hold of it and use it. All you need to know is that it works and is reliable.


Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe any dirt or residue off your IDENTILOCK. Be sure to clean your fingerprint sensor gently and with ease.