IDENTILOCK™ - the world’s fastest, most reliable trigger lock activated by fingerprint technology
that works in 300 milliseconds - the same as the blink of an eye!


What you need to know:


Industry’s fastest fingerprint technology that can store up to 3 fingerprints


Quick access to your firearm - fingerprint processed in the blink of an eye

USB Charging Port

Compatible with any USB
Type-C charging outlet (charge can last 6 months in standby mode)

Key Override

Can be unlocked using mechanical key override (two keys included)


Lightweight And Portable

IDENTILOCK™ weighs less than 12 oz. and is about the size of a wallet

How it works:

IDENTILOCK™ safely covers the trigger guard until you, and only you, need access. By placing your finger on the touch pad, your IDENTILOCK™ will unlock within the blink of an eye, giving you immediate access to your firearms’ trigger.



  • Practicality — Size, shape, weight, color, functionality, won’t inhibit common storage and staging methods of firearms
  • Speed — Provides fast access to working firearm in a crisis scenario
  • Safety — Prevent discharge of firearm by unintended users
  • Reliability — Always deny access to those unauthorized, and allow access to those authorized

90-day Satisfaction Guarantee

If your device isn’t working properly, we will replace it free of charge upon return of the original device.


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