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This thing is awesome. I’ve tried my best to bypass it and it stays locked every time. Easy to set up, easy to use, I love the reminder to charge app. Got it for my wife so she could carry safely with our children.


Not having young folks 24/7, I've looked for a safety lock for pistol and think this is a great idea. But set-up instructions are lacking in finite detail … like using the override key & when to remove it, also setting a fingerprint. But it's made well.

IDENTILOCK for Springfield Armory

Identilock Biometric trigger lock

Easy set up, has worked great for me this far. Would definitely recommend.

Sig saur

Doesnt fit any of my sig models my 226 model

Great lock

I have great peace of mind knowing that my 1911 is secure from my grandkids. Fingerprint lock works great I will recommend to everyone.

Fast, very plug-and-play

I'm overall happy with the product. It meets my expectations and was very easy to use.


I have taken the unite to my gun range and thus far convinced two other shooters to purchase one

Fast ,easy , effective

Quick release , easily programmed. Effective

Identilock for Sig works as advertised

The lock is easy to program and fits my P226 perfectly . The biometrics were better then any other gun safety device I own with a fingerprint reader . The only negative for me is that it is clearly designed for right handed shooters and therefore is a little ackward to get a fast release while holding the firearm in a correct grip to use . This is not a show stopper for me but may be for others depending on their need . Over all I like this product and feel it fills an important gap between a gun box , gun safe and the risk of having an unsecured firearm ,

All ok

Very good product

Amazing product

I sleep good at night with is safe lock by my bed in plain sight.


Exactly What I Was Looking For

I had been debating on purchasing this for months now and finally decided to pull the trigger. This lock is exactly what I was looking for to keep my firearm close to me but still protected around my young son. The lock was easy to set up and fit my M&P 40 Shield perfectly. It unlocks instantly I like that I already have my hand in place. I didn't want any keys accessible so I put them in the combination safe of my other firearm. Overall I'm very happy with this product as it provides the security I'm looking for with the safety I need to keep it in my nightstand.

Have not used Glock lock yet but Sig is great

I tried to use my Glock Identilock with my Glock which as a green laser . The laser because it has a clam shell does work with the lock . I also purchased a lock for my Sig P226 and it works really well. The lock is easy to program and the fingerprint reader works better then either of the two different high end gun boxes , I own . One piece of constructive feedback is that , the lock is designed for right handed people . While I can remove the lock fairly quickly , it is somewhat awkward and not as ergonomic as a right handed grip. In the future having a left handed version would be great . Better yet with a trade in program to exchange the current model for a left handed one . As far as the Glock goes , I will try it on my two other Glocks and then write another review that is Glock specific



Works flawlessly.

Amazing product

Saving up to buy another one

Solid product

I have tested the item, as a beginner firearms owner I think this is an over all great trigger guard. It protects my kids from themselves and my family from intruders. The only thing I would say is it feels a bit cheap, not in a disrespectful way. But the guard itself feels not very sturdy. Other than that, all good.


Great Lock! Wish it supported weapon lights

I’ve been using my Identilock for a nightstand gun and it’s been working out great. The biometric scanner is like no other on the market - extremely fast and accurate. The only thing I wish this lock would have is compatibility with weapon lights which for a home defense gun I think is critical.

Safety First

How can you put a price tag on safety? You can’t! This is a necessary purchase for a safety conscious gun owner!

The answer for gun safety

I have had my identilock for almost a year now, and had not written a review yet because frankly I never do. But this product is so outstanding I felt I owed it to this young and innovative company. It is simply the best answer to having your gun simultaneously secured and quickly accessible. It is better than a safe for ease of access. It is better than a combination or keyed trigger lock. It is better than those small fingerprint safes because you can easily take the identilock with you in your car, your bag, or a hotel. Yes, it is not as secure as a safe. I am sure if someone walked off with my pistol in my identilock they could eventually open it with power tools. But if someone just picked it up, I think it could withstand a pretty good beating. It is tougher than it looks. Again, its the perfect blend of accessible and safe. You can get it off in less than a second. A child/intruder/anyone else could not. It gives me a lot of peace of mind.

It is very quick to open and always worked. I would say I play with it a good amount with opening/closing, and I recharge at the six month intervals when they email, but it appears to still have plenty of charge left. I think the six month interval is very conservative, which makes sense given the necessity of 100% reliability.

It provides the security I was looking for but...

Identilock is a good product. It is very functional in what it's meant to do. It's definitely fast enough from fingerprint recognition to release of the firearm. The ability to register multiple fingerprints is optimal, especially in an emergency situation where access to the firearm would be needed yet the principal owner is not present or have been compromised. I had some issue in initially registering my fingerprint although. I followed the very clear instructions but there was a step listed in the instructions that simply did not work for me. I ended up getting it to work after trial and error though but that was, at the least, frustrating. I love that the battery life is said to last so long. Most of the reviews are consistent in that regard. I have not had it that long to confirm or deny this however I have no reason to believe that it is not true. My main issue with this amazing device is that it is not accommodating for Left-Handed Dominant handlers such as myself. Maybe as far as Identilock, it just sucks to be a lefty but it would really be nice if they were to consider accommodating my fellow Lefties in making a device that works more seamlessly for us. That's the only reason my review will only garner three (3) starts, not four (4).

Perfectly made