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Everything I expected

Works as advertised no complaints


Excellent purchase

Awesome Gun Lock

Should’ve gotten it when it came out. This lock is awesome. Unlocks almost instantly. Way faster than my old lock.

IDENTILOCK for Springfield Armory

Great Trigger Lock

This trigger lock works exactly as it is advertised. Easy to program your finger print into it and is super fast to disengage. Makes my Glock in the nightstand safe, yet ready to go when needed at the touch of a finger.

Family Protecion

Excellent product, I've included two other adults in my house hold as "unlockers" and I can honestly feel safe leaving my firearm at home without leaving my family unarmed and safely out of use from children and un intended , I've also epoxy a gps to the lock for a bit of added insurance

I could not have a gun in my house without this!

My wife and I bought our first gun because of the flexibility and safety that the Identilock provides our family. It is super fast to identify my fingerprint, safe for the children, and very reliable. I've been practicing unlocking it at night and making sure that I'm positioning my hand correctly each time for peace of mind, but it unlocks quickly each time! Thank you!

Former FFL Dealer

This is the single greatest product one can own, especially for those wanting to their firearm to be quickly accessible while not having to worry about kids finding it in the nightstand and playing with it. Highly secure, Quick unlocking, small form factor, & easy to set up.
$200 well spent for my Glock19.

Absoilute must have for any pistols not locked up

This is my second one. As soon as there is one for the single stack Glocks I will buy 3 more. These are absolutely the best quick access ways to keep others from accessing your gun in your nightstand or cars.

Just what we needed

After fumbling to get the safe open a few weeks back we looked into a fingerprint trigger lock. We found this product and immediately ordered it. We are so happy with the ease of use and safety that this device provides.


Great product! Easy to set up and operates as advertised. This product helps us improve overall home safety and security.


At times it can be a little difficult to lock, you have to use a good amount of force. Setting up was a bit tricky, but eventually I got it.

Very quick

Great product

Identilock Review

Very happy with this product. Highly recommend for anyone with kids. Works as described. Very fast and reliable release.

Great gun lock. Wish it was steel.

Great gun lock. Wish it was a steel exterior instead of plastic. Works every time.



Exactly as advertised!

Very quick and flawless

works perfectly

I had my doubts but this device works quick and It has never fail to open for me. I programmed my finger print in many different variations and even if I don't place my finger perfectly it still opens.

Great Device, Springfield Mod 2.0 Service Size

I loved the device, it was super fast and seemed pretty secure. If you're looking for an anti theft device, this item was not made for that! It was made to keep unwanted little hands or bigger hands off your handgun in your home! It's a great little gadget. Also many complaints about not reaching the scanner..I'm 4'9 with little hands and didnt have much of an issue at all, I also used my middle finger which was just as good as the trigger finger. Only complaint would be, is the bit of a jiggle to get it to drop off when unlocking. Not that serious though.

Awesome Product

I love it! My LEO brother recommended it, and he was spot on. Quick release.

Quick, Easy and Secure

I was able to set up my Identilock quickly and it works like a charm.

Love it

Love it. Wish there was a video though showing how tough it is against someone trying to pry it open with there bare hands so I could have a little more confidence in its seciurity.

Just what I was looking for

This is the security device I have been waiting for. Now I can leave my defensive firearm (car, truck, bedroom) knowing that it cannot be used by unauthorized people. Easy to use. Great product.

Grease Lightning

I have several different brands of handgun securing boxes/devices. To include gunvault biometric and manual code entering types. The Identilock is hands down the fastest. No hunting for the fingerpad, no lift and place again. Just plain old fast, first time every time.

Great product. Quick access when and where you need it

I am happy to say this product met my expectations on ease of setup, speed of use, and build quality. We all know this is not a gun safe, and shouldn't be expected to prevent theft, but it sure will keep the kiddos away from the trigger without making my gun inaccessible when i need it.