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Works great on my 1911 EMP from Springfield

Very impressed. This lock is awesome. I can keep the gun by my bedside and it's totally safe from someone using it. But if I grab it middle of the night, it's instant detach and ready to shoot. I've used it several times as I unlock it to take the gun to the range and it literally unlocks first try every time super fast. It's actually better than the iPhone fingerprint thing. Super easy to setup and I like the 6 mos of stand by battery life. Nice job Identilock!

Great and exactly what I was looking for

Pretty much the title sums it up. It's a great product and exactly what I was looking for. If my pistol isn't on my hip it means i'm sleeping and it's bedside. Now it's secured at night but I can access it faster than a lock box if it's needed. Thanks!

Kid safe

My wife and I always have a dedicated car gun , however we always have our kids also . There is no concern about them accessing our car guns now. I love this product.

Exceeded my expectations

Super fast response. It just works.

Works Perfectly with Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Compact Two-Tone

Though their compatibility chart doesn't show that the 1911-A1 model works with a Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Compact Two-Tone, I took some very precise measurements of the 1911 style firearms that they did list compatibility with and of my Sig 1911 Ultra, and it looked to me like it would work just fine, and it does, without any modifications.

My wife and I have 2 children at home and though we've had our CWPs for a few years and wanted home firearms for personal protection, have held off on purchasing them due to the risk associated with having loaded guns in the house with the kids around, one of whom is a curious 9 year old boy that figures out just about everything very quickly.

We purchased 3 different versions of Identilocks - one for a Sig Sauer P229 Legion, one for a Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Compact Two Tone (which is not listed on their compatibility list, but fits and functions perfectly), and one for a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. All of them learned both my wife's and my fingerprints easy enough - mine much quicker with fewer tries than hers for some reason, and they'e opened in less than one second on the first try, every time we tested them. I did actually teach it the print from my second finger instead of the trigger finger, as it was a more natural reach to the sensor for my smaller hands. Both my Sigs have Crimson Trace Grip Laser Sights and the Identilock works just fine with them as well.

I also showed it to a friend of mine who is in law enforcement and he was so impressed, he purchased one for his home defense firearm as well.

The Identilock gives us total piece of mind for our firearms; for both of those kept in our home and for the one I keep in my vehicle with the Identilock installed on it. Not having to store the clips with ammunition separately from the firearm will save us what could be valuable time in the event we need to defend ourselves. I leave the chamber empty for extra security "just in case" but with the way the Iden...

Glock 23 gen 4

Works perfectly every time


Great so far.



Far better than conventional lock and key for pistol

Sweet, I had seen the potential of the Identilock over two years ago, when I placed my order originally ( #00044). It finally was released in June for my Springfield 1911 EMP. works like a charm. No fumbling for the right key in the dark. I just wish a holster version comes out in the near future for those of us that legally carry concealed. Hope to buy for my Ruger 44 Mag Red hawk some day soon.

Outstanding Product

My new Identilock is everything I hoped it would be. It's simple to program, easy to charge, very reliable and lightning fast when I touch the fingerprint pad. I highly recommend it.

Great Product

Added safety to my bedside table. I love this lock!

Fast and Easy!

Great product! Easy to enroll, fast to open and access the fire arm. The fingerprint technology has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!



Love it

I purchased two units. One for my Glock and one for my sons S&W. Love knowing our 9's are secured from the little hands of his 15 month old daughter. Fingerprint enrolling was quick and easy. 6 Month battery life is a great feature. I left the charging cord in an easy accessible area adjacent to the location the gun is stored.


Just got it. Works good so far.

Good lock

Identilock is fast enough for a night stand home defense pistol, although a little on the bulky side. I found it easy to enroll my print on the device and the technology is amazing. I'm not crazy about the six month standby battery life but it's easy enough to charge with the usb cord.
Overall it's the best thing on the market to keep a home defense safe and yet ready should it be needed. I've seen a few other things in development but they are a long way from being available to the public.
As a former police officer and a retired attorney, I highly recommend this device for safely keeping a firearm that can be readily available if and when it is required.

Nice system

Great way of keeping gun safe from any accidental mishandling.


Good, secure lock. No worries about gaining access, could be faster, and the fingerprint reader sometimes does not like my finger. I would still buy it again!

Very good product

The product is very convenient and provides piece of mind when storing my pistol at my bedside. With two kids, I feel much better with the Identilock securing my SIG. It was easy to enroll my fingerprints but it took my wife several tries to enroll her print. However, once she was enrolled, there was no issue with the device unlocking instantly for either of us. Overall, I believe this is a very good product and would recommend it to any firearm owner who has kids.

solid gun safety

Easy to use - works every time - great product - thank you!


Perfect to protect your gun from unwanted users!!! You can also very quickly access your gun when needed. Great product


What a great device this is. Combining what I love technology and guns. Definitely worth the time and money.

18 months later, it arrives

Easily the longest I've ever waited for a product after purchase (almost 18 months).

To start, I have to say, I'm very pleased with the construction, design and ease of use. I've been eyeing this product since 2015 and knew it was something that would revolutionize the home safety market, appealing to gun owners with young children like myself.

My first gripe with IdentiLOCK is that the communication about product release and product development was terrible. The product arrived 12 months after it was initially scheduled to release. I greatly appreciate the improved design and likely functionality from early prototypes, but months without substantive updates was driving me crazy.

My second gripe is that a left handed model isn't offered. While it's pretty much par for course in the gun industry (and others for that matter), it would be nice to see a left handed model offered at some point in the future.

Overall, I'm giving this 4 starts. I'm sure it was no easy task to bring such a complete and polished product to market. Even the packaging is impressive!

Kudos IdentiLOCK! I'll be waiting for the left handed model next!

Awesome product

The problem with trigger locks in the past has always been that they take too long to access in a real situation. So you've only been left with a small bedside safe if you have kids. Well not anymore! The quickness of the Identilock exceeded my expectations. After enrolling my fingerprint, I sat there and opened it at least 100 times without a single mis-read. Its an awesome product that will keep kids safe without delaying firearm access. I also liked the fact that if you register on the website, they send a reminder to you to charge your battery. Overall, I was very impressed.

Identilock for Glocks

I waited years for this to develop and go to market. I was an early investor as I believed in the concept. The identilock is the best investment I could have made to protect my two young daughters. Fast, reliable, durable, efficient and effective. Hands down the best firearm protection on the market. I couldn't be more pleased

Exceeds my expectations

My GLK-A1 has worked so flawlessly that I now have confidence carrying it in my car's console without fear of kids or undesirable people using it improperly.

It is as simple as safely gripping my Glock and has yet to fail and fast fast fast!

I will buy another when they become available.

Well done, Identilock!

Better than expected!

I was extremely excited for the IDENTILOCK and I was not disappointed! It performed much better than I expected from a speed and stealth (very quite operation) perspective. I have yet to have a misread of my finger while playing around with the device and the ability to clear my firearm while this is attached is fantastic. Myself and my family feel much safer now that we are protected with this quite and fast solution to a traditional electronic lockbox.

5 star


Exactly as advertised

Worked great straight out of the box. No problems programming a fingerprint and it reads my print every time without issue!

5 star


5 star


Must have for any household (especially with one with children)

I was on the pre-order list for this product and had to wait and wait as the expected delivery date kept being pushed back. Overall, I am very happy with the product in the short time I have been using it. I have not had any issues with it opening quickly. It does prevent the use of a rail mounted light. However, for me, the trade off is WELL WORTH IT. I have other lighting options, but only one option for easy personal access, but limited unwanted access (and this is it). I can keep my firearm close to me without fear of taking my eyes off of it for a moment.

Cannot comment on battery life just yet (only used it for 2 weeks).

As part of the initial setup, the finger recognition was a few more steps than I expected. However, once all required tries registered, I have had no misreads. It has opened every time without an issue. Exactly what I wanted and very happy with the product.

5 star


Great product! Best trigger guard in the industry!

This is a great product! I love the product in that it is 100% safe in the household but also "shoot ready" in the event of an incident. A fantastic idea.

Quick Access

IDENTILOCK gives me peace of mind while I'm still able to quickly access the pistol