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Only biometric safe I trust

I've avoided gun safes/lock because I don't trust them. I don't need the biometrics to fail when I need quick access to a weapon in a life or death situation. However, I was drawn to the design of the Identilock, so I decided to give it a try. Over the first month of ownership, I made no less than 150 attempts to open the lock with my fingerprint (testing with an unloaded Glock.) I tried not only with clean hands, but also with hands dirty with dirt or oil. Despite my many attempts, the lock has never failed to open. I also had my son make multiple attempts to "trick" the lock, as his fingerprints are not registered in the Identilock. It never opened for him. Through my own testing, I have come to trust my Identilock and currently have two of them in use protecting home defense firearms.

Fast and easy to use.

Was a gift and really am impressed with the quality and function.

Definitely quick on release and the fingerprint technology definitely met my expectations. I love the 6 months of standby battery life and I like how the cold weather doesn't effect it at all.

Peace of mind is worth the price.

The primary reason I purchased this lock is to secure my firearm from the hands of my young children. I've had no previous issues with them but as they have gotten older (5, 3, and 1) they definitely have the physical ability to access and potentially fire a handgun. This device gives me (and my wife) peace of mind in knowing that in the event that the instructions and warnings that we've given them go unheeded that the gun is secure. All of the above plus a firearm that is still easily and quickly accessible in the event that it is needed to protect and defend those children. I would recommend anyone practice disengaging the IDENTILOCK to become familiar with it, but it was easy to set up and engage/disengage.

Love it!

Works as advertised!

first identilock purchase.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I recently bought a Springfield 1911 and then an Identilock for it. I am very pleased with my purchase. I was worried it would be difficult to set up, but it really only took about 5 minutes to set up once I had it out of the box.
I am pleasantly surprised how quickly it recognizes my fingerprint and releases. I did expect it to take longer than it actually does.
Battery powered gun locks/safes always make me a bit nervous for obvious reasons, but because the device blinks red when it needs charged it's hard to complain about that.
I also have a Springfield XD9 and I intend to buy an Identilock for it when it's available.
I like to carry a weapon, but sometimes you need to be able to lock it up quickly and conveniently, so this really is a great product to allow for that. I like the idea that if someone were to go snooping through my bag and came across my weapon, they would not be able to use it. And for people who are uncomfortable around unlocked weapons (office staff), it can give them some peace of mind.

Great Product

This a great product, very functional and not intimidating for my spouse to also use like several other products on the market. I highly recommend and with having two young children in my home and very grateful that someone designed this and made it affordable. Thank you.

Scott H.

This is a great invention and device. The piece of mind knowing my grandkids are unable the discharge my weapon, when I'm at their house for the night, is unexplainable



It works, keeping the trigger secured from unwanted fingers

It’s the best trigger guard I found on the market. The size is a little bigger than an AR-15 magazine that wraps around snuggling the trigger guard and trigger. The width is about the same size as my Glock, which makes concealing between books very easy. The finger tip pad works like an IPhone capture different angle of your finger to unlock the lock. Seriously, during an emergency who wants to be fumbling for a key or finger combination to unlock your weapon.

Need a different laser now!

I love this device, it just has to wait for a replacement to my railmount. The current accessory mounted on most guns will be in the way of this trigger guard. Find compatible accessories if you want to rely on this device.


Great purchase very pleased works as described

Works Every Time

Operates as described. Have never had an issue with its operation. I waited 30 days to offer my review.



Great Product

I have been looking forward to getting one of these since I first saw them as a start up company! The Identilock is great! Works Great! Looks Great! Easy to use!

Gift for my husband

I ordered the trigger lock for my husband's glock as a Christmas gift. Their customer service was excellent. They give a generous military and law enforcement discount which was so appreciated. My husband was so excited about the trigger lock. He was able to set it up on his gun in minutes. He has been showing it to everyone he knows because he thinks it is so awesome. We have three young boys in the house so it is an extra safety measure.



Great product

Fast and effective, a must if you have children in the house.

Awesome product

I have 2 of these units for a Glock and m&p..they are simple, reliable and deploy quickly. The lock gives piece of mind when transporting or storing weapons.

LOVE this lock!

I only agreed to get a handgun if we had a lock that prevented our kids (or other people) from getting into it. This thing is pretty fast and hasn't malfunctioned. The gun salesman thought it was funny that we were picking out guns based on what would fit the lock!

Glock lock

Very nice. Good job

Finger print window position

I have a problem placing my finger on the window without holding the gun with my left hand. Reader needs to be placed closer to the trigger position. The middle finger is very unreliable for me. It does work but I have to make sure my finger is just right on the reader. Have programed it several times.

Works great, fit is not as good as described for all teh Glocks

Great product, fingerprint reader works very well, fast and better than my biometric gun safes. Wil use this often. One issue, while it works great on my Glock 27s, 23, 19, my 21, 20, and 29 are two wide. It takes a bit of pressure to squeeze closed, and it seems to be putting to much pressure on the lock, for it to release on its own. Will not open without some closing pressure to help the latch release. Not reliable enough opening on the larger framed Glocks.

On suggestion, there should be a slot for a cable lock so it can be tethered to a fixed object as needed, similar to many of the mini-safes.


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