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Finger print window position

I have a problem placing my finger on the window without holding the gun with my left hand. Reader needs to be placed closer to the trigger position. The middle finger is very unreliable for me. It does work but I have to make sure my finger is just right on the reader. Have programed it several times.

Works great, fit is not as good as described for all teh Glocks

Great product, fingerprint reader works very well, fast and better than my biometric gun safes. Wil use this often. One issue, while it works great on my Glock 27s, 23, 19, my 21, 20, and 29 are two wide. It takes a bit of pressure to squeeze closed, and it seems to be putting to much pressure on the lock, for it to release on its own. Will not open without some closing pressure to help the latch release. Not reliable enough opening on the larger framed Glocks.

On suggestion, there should be a slot for a cable lock so it can be tethered to a fixed object as needed, similar to many of the mini-safes.

Easy and smooth

The GLK-A1 is working flawlessly with a Glock 19 - Gen 5. Used it every day for 11 days & nights between securing it in my luggage in my hotel room while going to procedures during the day @ a clinic in Minnesota. If I could make a change, I would move the activation switch higher (toward the slide). That would put it more in line with my forefinger when I have a good purchase on the grip.

I really like the fact how quickly it provides access to the pistol, if needed, It works as advertised and have tested it with other family members to make sure that they can't open it without having the biometrics loaded. Great Product!

Wanted to love it but had to leave it

Ordered the S&W A-1 model for a new S&W 380 Shield M&P EZ based on the brief compatibility description on the website and a brief conversation with a customer service rep. Received it and appears to be very well made and designed. Unfortunately the “claim shell” locking design did not fit and device could not lock. Appears my S&W was too wide for the A-1 to close and lock. Customer service was great and handle my return and refund very nicely.

Would have kept the A-1 had it fit my gun. Website listing for compatible guns should be more model specific.

Everything seems to be great

I’ve only had the device a short while but so far it’s looking good. It’s pretty forgiving with how you place your finger but won’t work if you place just your finger tip on it. It’s good to try out opening it several different ways so when it counts you know it’s opening. I saved my finger print in on 2 separate saves just to have as many positions as possible open the lock. It will be interesting to see how long the battery lasts. Charging every few months is completely reasonable to me. From what I’ve experienced so far this thing is awesome. When I touch my finger on the pad it practically jumps off the gun. I have two children in the house and I’m completely confident with my pistol in my nightstand with this lock on it. And I’m completely confident when I need it I will be ready in the blink of an eye. Really great product from what I’m seeing. Plus I had an issue with ordering and the customer service took great care of me. Only thing I’m wondering about is how long the battery will stay good because all batteries go bad at some point but even if I had to replace this thing every 5 years I wouldn’t hesitate. I’m very happy, great product so far! Thanks identilock !!

works 100% of the time

great product, works right every time!!! I'm really surprised how accurate it is, just wish the index finger reader was slightly higher up towards the gun so that you wouldn't have to force your finger to bend to reach the reader but otherwise it works just as advertised

Great product!

Fit well, shipped quickly, quality is good

Fast and accurate

Unlocks quickly, works every time! 4 stars because the locking mechanism is slightly loose on my 4th Gen Glock 23. Would buy again.


Great lock

Works as advertised. Completely happy with product.

Very impressed

This exceeded my expectations.

Great biometric protection

This thing is fast. At first I couldn’t seam to get mine to unlock as fast or open as far as in the instructions video. Don’t get me wrong it was still fast at under a second. In the instructional video it seams to be instant and appears to fly off / drop away at unlock.

It took a little practice to train myself to flick my wrist or give it a little jolting motion as I press on the sensor. It flies right off then. I recommend practicing for about 15 times or so to get that motion down since milliseconds matter.

I am confident that my firearm is both secure and rapidly available.


Works well


IdentiLock is a great device and makes my wife feel comfortable while carrying a weapon when traveling.

Very good product

My only complaint is in the setup it doesn’t really register a fingerprint as easily as I would hope. Which leads me for concern in colder temperatures (not willing to chill my hand to test) but I have concern it would not read correctly if the print couldn’t be zeroed correctly.

Fits my Para Ordnance 1911 .45

I bought this on the strength of the reviews just to see if it would fit my Ducks Unlimited Para 1911. It fits just like it's supposed to. I have tested it every which way and there is no way it is coming off! This trigger lock is amazing. Charging is easy with the included USB-C charger. Very happy with my purchase! Now, we need one for Berettas!!


I love the identilock for my Glock 26...I'm a father who enjoys knowing that I am the only one who can pull the trigger on my gun! I WISH THERE WAS A HOLSTER THAT HOLDS MY GUN AND THE IDENTILOCK!

Works As Advertised

It sometimes takes a couple presses of the finger to read and open but it is plenty fast to get the gun clear and ready for use in all but the most dire of situations. Highly recommend it.

A great product that delivers on all fronts...

It is fast and easy to use... Enrolling is easy and to the point!! As a 23 year law enforcement veteran, this is a must with all families that own firearms to keep our loved ones safe!!

Love the Product!

I’ll keep it short.. Reliable, easy to operate, fastest lock I’ve used. I love it. I do wish there was a molle attatchment or mounting plate.

A GREAT Safety product !

The Identilock has worked flawlessly since I received it. It provides the safety I need to ensure only my wife and I can operate the weapon, while at the same time providing the security I wanted by having a firearm in the house. While more time will be required to truly evaluate the Identilock (battery life etc.), I am extremely satisfied with this product, and I am recommending it to friends and relatives. An article I read stated (I paraphrase) “No gun should be sold without this device”, I wholeheartedly agree. So many unecessary accidents could be avoided by this device.

Left Handed 1911

Much more difficult to set a fingerprint than the instructions indicate. Stay with it and eventually it works. Not friendly for LH shooters at all. Basically you need to be right handed.


Love it so far, it’s fast and easy to use


Fits gun perfect and works great. Programming took a while to figure out but once you do it you can set another one up in a few seconds.


New Lower Price!