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IDENTILOCK Needs Retail Help. Right?

August 01, 2017 1 min read

Here is a new business problem - when will they ever stop?

IDENTILOCK Cabelas Store Dundee Michigan

We're proud that IDENTILOCK is displayed really well at Cabelas location in Dundee, Michigan. But do you notice any issues? 

  • Unless you know what IDENTILOCK is you'll never know what this is
  • There's no picture. We'll fix that real soon with an endcap
  • We now realize that product packaging doesn't attract customers from further away
  • The "secret shopper" resulted the staff is not aware of product
  • We could on forever, but lets stop.

If you have thoughts and ideas we'd love to hear on how you'd solve some or all these challenges in a startup way.

Thanks for reading...