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Fits Glock models (Gens 2, 3, 4, & 5): G17, G19, G20, G21 G22, G23, G26, G27, G29, G37,G38, G34, G39, G40

G30, G42, G43 are not supported.

Customer Reviews

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Great lock

It’s a great lock - no issue setting it up or using it
Wish the sensor was on both sides just to leave the gun in any position

Larry Meek
Ultimate security with lighting fast access!

I was somewhat skeptical when I researched bio locking systems. IDENTilock was recommended by a friend which greatly influenced my decision to try the IDENTilock device for one of my firearms. The ease of device setup was impressive; the materials in the manufacturing process are top grade and the ergonomic design setup to grip and unlock the firearm is nothing less than genius! I liked it so much I ordered one for another firearm. That says it all. I can confidentially attest to the product performing as advertised.

Michael Johnson
Best way to remain ready and safe!

With the Identilock I'm able to keep my weapon ready within seconds and yet protect from others being able to access and use. The Identilock keeps curious children and grandchildren from accessing in case they somehow would find a staged weapon (which they have not) and at the same time lets me quickly remove the lock if the situation would arise. I've even "drop tested" at a range (with the barrel pointing in a safe direction) and satisfied that the weapon would not discharge. One of the safest if not the safest means of firearm safety that exists today. I've been so impressed that I purchased one for each of the weapons I stage in my house.

Keith Gaytan
As advertised

Flawless, Fast and Frictionless. Love this device. Would love if it had slots to add a clip so you could use it as a holster for open carry.

Loved it but no longer working

I used it maybe a few hundred times to train with it then it mostly sat in the vault for a few years with a few rounds of charging using the handy reminder email!

The problem came after a few years when now it won't open. One day I pulled it out to charge it and fingerprint worked but it won't unlatch. Really disappointed because I spent $277 early on and I liked it: it just stopped working and there's no option to repair or replace now that the warranty is over it's basically a paperweight. Lame. I want to get a new one because it worked well when I used it one but I'm really bummed out on this now. Support didn't get back to me a few times and that's even worse for me.


Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe any dirt or residue off your IDENTILOCK. Be sure to clean your fingerprint sensor gently and with ease.