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Fits Glock models (Gens 2, 3, 4, & 5): G17, G19, G20, G21 G22, G23, G26, G27, G29, G37,G38, G34, G39, G40

G30, G42, G43 are not supported.

Customer Reviews

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Cruz Barron
Scam Company

This company is a scam and doesn't practice good business ethics. I purchased two items from them that did not work correctly as advertised and I sent 7 emails to request a return authorization or even a response from the company. They never responded and I am out almost $200 for a product that doesn't work correctly.
I have not been able to find a phone number to contact anyone there.

Micah Orvis
Perfect... well almost perfect for my Glock 20 gen4

I have several gun safes and one of those Amazon special biometric safes too. But when I was going on a camping road trip with my family out in Northern-Western Montana I decided to buy a 10MM Glock on the rare chance we encounter an aggressive bear (and the bear spray didn't work). However, this posed a problem as I would need quick access to my firearm but not give any access to my 8-year-old or 4-year-old sons. The Idenilock was the near-perfect solution. I installed a magnet holder in my truck and one in the camper to keep the gun at the ready and it gave me peace of mind that my children would not be able to access the trigger. I've had the Idenilock now for nearly a year, it's worked flawlessly, and I'm now going to get a 2nd for my Glock 17. Now I said it was almost perfect and here is why. I would like to see a K-lock slot on the Idenilock. As it stands someone could easily walk off with the gun and Idenilock but if I was able to attach it to a short cable and the cable fixed to the wall or behind my truck's dash it would be a different story. Also, the Idenilock makes it difficult to use a rail-mount light. I was able to just barely fit an Olight Balor S on it but you have to move the light mount to its most forward position and it becomes well out of range of your index finger to turn it on/off. The convenience and speed of the Idenilock way outweighs these detractors though so I'm keeping it a 5-star review.


The best of lock for GLOCK

Michael Dulevitz
A gift for my 30 yo Son

Why 4 stars? Because I am NOT the one using the Identilock for Glock. I got it for my Son for Christmas and he has it - why keep it until Santa gets here which made no sense for the Security standpoint - anyway, I watched him unbox it and set it up. He had a little bit of a problem getting the finger-printing/recognition accomplished, but in the end it green-lighted him and it worked a few times in a row and so i believe that at least 4 starts is warranted. I would jump to 5 and may, if allowed, do that at a later date given his feedback and the lock's performance. With a 6 yo in the house, he is much more comfortable knowing his pistol is secured and not available to prying/inquisitive little fingers/hands. So far so good. I can and will say thank you Identilock on his behalf. This old man feels much better too ! Merry Christmas!!!

Dennis Valdez

I purchased the Identilock for the Glock but I received the S&W B1 instead. I sent an email but have not received any response. Very unsatisfactory and disappointed


Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe any dirt or residue off your IDENTILOCK. Be sure to clean your fingerprint sensor gently and with ease.