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The IDENTILOCK® mission is not only to bring new technology to the gun lock world, but it is to prevent gun related accidents and lift the negative stigma that surrounds firearms.

Sentinl founder Omer Kiyani is used to beating the odds. He survived a life-threatening gunshot wound as a young man – a terrifying experience that changed his life forever. Later, he chose to leave his home in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and immigrate to the United States.

He settled in Detroit, Michigan, working as an engineer in the automotive industry focusing on products that enhanced car safety. He thrived knowing American freedoms guaranteed his right to build a life, family and business, and defend his basic human rights.

As his career flourished, he watched on the news as American politicians, journalists and people argued daily for and against the right to own a gun. Despite his own life-altering experience, Kiyani valued the individual freedoms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment – the likes of which did not exist where he was born.

There had to be a way to bring calm to the issue. To balance the speed and practicality needed to defend oneself, with features that made gun ownership safer.

So Kiyani founded Sentinl and dedicated his life to developing the world’s most advanced gun lock device that blended speed, usability and practicality with unmatched safety and security. After several years in development, IDENTILOCK was born.

Always important to Kiyani was that Sentinl leverage the latest technology with engineering, craftsmanship and heritage. That is why Sentinl is based in Detroit, Michigan. Here in the shadows of the auto giants, Sentinl is poised to deliver to market the most innovative gun lock the world has ever seen, IDENTILOCK.


About Omer:  
  • Drink of choice: black coffee,  Arabica primarily
  • Indulgence: Sweets, especially chocolate cakes and peanut butter cookies
  • Family: A husband & father of three young kids who share my love for sweets
  • Firearm introduction: My father's service revolver during adolescence

  • Longtime NRA member, my favorite caliber is 9mm, favorite pistol is the H&K P30, shotgun is the KSG & my favorite AR accessory is the holographic sights.