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Global IDENTILOCK is a universal fit IDENTILOCK. This value product fits almost all pistols rifles and shotguns with its flexible design. A must have for storage of any firearm.

Customer Reviews

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Poor Product Quality and Customer Service

If I could give a zero star rating I would. The product is very cheaply made, and the law is easy to pick. I need to get replacement keys since I cannot find the keys that came with it. I have reached out to the company repeatedly and can’t even get a reply to customer service emails. I have purchased similar products from other companies where the quality significantly better and the customer service is superb.

Buyer beware

Allen Holman Jr
Return Customer

I had previously purchased the identilock for my Springfield XD some years back, but I love this new global lock that I just got for my CZ Scorpion and it fits perfectly.

Travis Block

it was slightly bulkier than I imagined from the picture, but my gun still fits in the sleeve that I keep it in, and it was very easy to set up. and easy to use. I programmed it very quickly for my wife and I and I tested that I cannot pull the trigger while it is on, and the lock very quickly just falls off, when I put my finger to the finger print scanner.

Adam Hayes
Works like a champ.

While it took me a couple of tried to get it set up, once I figured it out it worked great. This is my 3rd trigger guard from them👍

Jan Kotland

When I read a review, I got a bit worried where someone was saying that the lock is not working and opens with every finger and even the nose and that he threw it away. But this happens only if you dont follow exactly the setup manual that you get with the lock. Took me also a two tries to find out that wehn changing the master print i have to put the finger on the reader while the light is still blue. But to be honest you just have to read it precicely and do what is written there and then its working without any problem. And ofc the nose or any other finger can not open it :) its super fast.
Would be great if you add the SigSauer P320 M17 to lour list of possible firearms. But the IdentiLock Global/universal is also great :)