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July 26, 2018 3 min read

Protecting your home from danger with the fastest biometric trigger lock in the world is just one step. As a responsible gun owner, there is more you should know before danger strikes. For example, the way that you arrange your bedroom furniture could save your life. IDENTILOCK will perform under pressure and so can you if you follow our tips for optimal protection and preparedness. Let’s start by how to outsmart intruders, when escape isn't an option.


Home safety starts in your bedroom. Arranging your space to function as a barricade in the event of a break is a great place to start. As gun owner's, we feel we can rest at night knowing our firearm is within reach, but have you thought further into your home defense plan? Why is the second drawing the safest arrangement of your furniture? What's so important about the relationship of your room to the door? Keep reading.


It’s important to keep your gun locked away and as close to you as possible, but it's also important to know what to do after you've retrieved it. IDENTILOCK's biometric trigger lock allows you to keep your gun hidden in your nightstand while denying access to any outside unauthorized users.Once you’re aware that an intruder is in your house, it's time to take action. Whether it be the crash of a window, pounding on the door, or even subtle creaking of the stairs, you must have your plan of action top of mind: How are you going to get to your weapon? Where is your phone?

3. CALL 911:

Before letting your plan drive you to safety, alert the police of your situation. Keep your phone in your bedroom when you sleep, and it's not a bad idea to keep your car keys in the same place. Assuming you've simultaneously called the police and acquired your weapon, let's move on to the tricky parts. You will be under stress, but remember to stay calm and stick to your plan.


Sometimes people think racking their shotgun will be enough to scare away any danger. But really that's like saying "HEY, burglar, here I am and I have a weapon!" The less the intruder knows the better. You don't know if this person is even going to confront you. If they don't know where you are, then you have the upper hand. Use your fight or flight senses to stay focused and quiet. If you don't live alone, secure your family as quietly as possible. Be aware of the entry point of every room in your house. Think about exactly how each roomcan function as a barricade.  This way you can make sure that you and your family are furthest from the intruder’s line of sight. Don't make it easy for the intruder by hiding in plain sight or making unnecessary noise.


Let's re-cap: we've assumed that in this scenario, escape wasn't an option. Let's not forgot how important it is to remove yourself and loved ones from danger whenever possible. But if you can implement these home defense tips, and the time comes where you need to actively defend yourself, you will be safe and ready. Thanks to IDENTILOCK, your gun is unlocked in under a second with ease and efficiency, and thanks toyou and your efforts to be educated- you know what to do.  Remember- as long as you have a tactical advantage, you have the upper hand. There's always more we can do to be better prepared in the face of danger. Start with IDENTILOCK, and join us in a safer community, for all.


Now look at the images again. The intruder finds their way to your bedroom door. You have access to your firearm, but that is only have of the equation. How can you make sure you aren't the first thing the intruder sees? Positioning your self behind your bed as a barricade is a safe route, but we ask you think about where your bed lies in your home. These are the details that will keep you and your family safe. Step one is always protecting your firearm.


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