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July 27, 2018 2 min read

As gun owners, we feel we have the duty to protect our loved ones. We do this by being prepared for unpreventable danger. But how prepared is the rest of your family? It’s hard to imagine our own being present in an intrusion situation. It’s easier to swallow when you can be confident in your family’s home defense plan. There’s a few steps we can take to make sure everyone is on the same page. In situations like these it’s key to have control over as many variables as possible. If you have kids, this information is as invaluable to you as they are. A conversation with your family is easy. We’ll show you where to start.


In the event of a break-in, you have a lot of responsibilities that all need to happen quickly and efficiently. First, you need to secure your family. This can be simple if you and your family can follow a predetermined plan. Your kids will feel safer knowing that their parents know exactly how to keep them safe. These conversations will help them defend themselves in the future. Determine a location in your home that your family can gather. Your family’s rendezvous should be where the firearm is stored. It’s also a place where you can barricade your family, and immediately call the police. Ideally, this location is multiple “zones” away from the threat. A zone is some type of barrier. The front door is a barrier; the stairs are another barrier. Now you can be sure your family is safe and not in direct view from the door. How else can you have an advantage over the intruder?


A flashlight can help you blind or distract an intruder. However, a flashlight on your gun is not a great idea. If the flashlight is mounted on your gun, you don’t have the opportunity to use it separately.  For example, you don’t want to risk accidents by pointing your gun at your kids unknowingly. Make it clear to your kids that they will always stand behind you, out of sight. When pointing your separate flashlight at the intruder, you can disorient and blind them. You can distract them and even cut the light off forcing temporary inability to see where you are. Primarily the flashlight is a distraction that will give you more control over the situation. Let your kids know what the flashlight is for, so they know it needs to stay put.

Responsible gun owners take action towards incident prevention. A simple conversation will protect your family from confusion and panic. Remember, you can always count on IDENTILOCK: the fastest biometric trigger lock on the market. With today’s cutting edge technology and a clear plan of home defense, you can be confident in the safety of your loved ones.