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November 04, 2019 3 min read

When we set out to create IDENTILOCK, we knew we needed to create the best trigger lock on the market. Gun safety is important to every gun owner. Gun owners need to be able to access their gun as fast as possible when and if the time comes to use it. However, the hope is that you will rarely need to use your gun–and therefore, keeping it stored safely in your home is vital. So how do you keep a gun safely protected in your home, while also ensuring it’s available to access at a moment’s notice at all times? The answer: IDENTILOCK. Here are 5 reasons why IDENTILOCK is the best trigger lock you can buy for your firearm.

Unlock your gun in less than half a second

When and if the time comes where you need to use your gun, you need to be able to access it as fast as possible. When your fingerprint is recognized on the IDENTILOCK, it unlocks in 0.3 seconds–giving you almost instant access to your gun. The biometric scanner that recognizes your fingerprint is not only the safest way to lock your gun but the fastest way to unlock it in an emergency. While a gun safe can be a good idea for general home security, it makes accessing your gun in an emergency way more time-consuming and difficult. The IDENTILOCK is a great way to secure your gun in day to day life without compromising the time it takes to access it.



Advanced fingerprint technology

A fingerprint is the most secure way to lock your gun since it ensures instant access to the owner. The biometric fingerprint scanner and advanced technology used to build the IDENTILOCK make it the best trigger lock on the market. Unintentional shootings are responsible for 18% of gun injuries and more than 1% of gun deaths in America. Not to mention that half of all suicides are from firearms. The fingerprint technology on the IDENTILOCK can help dramatically reduce guns getting into the hands of young children or others who are not experienced or educated in gun usage.


360-degree compatibility


Many gun locks require the lock to be in a specific position in order to access the gun. This is not the case with the IDENTILOCK. With360-degree compatible fingerprint recognition, your gun and IDENTILOCK can be placed in any position to access the fingerprint lock. As long as your fingerprint is lined up on the biometric scanner, either side of the IDENTILOCK will allow access in any position instantly. 


Long battery life and easy charging


Your IDENTILOCK needs to be periodically charged. Luckily, as the best trigger lock on the market, the IDENTILOCK will last more than 6 months without charging. Long battery life is essential to an efficient, battery-powered gun lock, and we engineered the IDENTILOCK to last months on end without charging. Additionally, the IDENTILOCK will reach its full charge after only two hours of charging. Simply use the USB port that comes with your IDENTILOCK and charge as needed. Don’t worry–we’ll send you a reminder via email to re-charge! Plus, there’s no app or computer involved with the IDENTILOCK or the way it charges–so cybersecurity is not an issue.


Easily add and remove user access


The benefit of having advanced fingerprint technology makes the IDENTILOCK the best trigger lock for home safety. However, you can rest assured knowing the IDENTILOCK can store up to 3 users’ fingerprints. In addition to the superuser, or the original gun owner, you can extend access to two other responsible family members or household members if need be. Plus, adding and removing users is as easy as tapping a button on the IDENTILOCK in case you need to grant gun access to another person. As a backup, the IDENTILOCK is also accessible through a key if you find yourself in a situation where using a key is necessary.


If you’re in the market for the safest and best trigger lock, look no further than the IDENTILOCK. With a high-tech system that grants access to your gun in the blink of an eye, the IDENTILOCK also keeps your gun secure on a daily basis for maximum protection in your home. Check out ourfull IDENTILOCK collection today and find the best trigger lock for your gun.


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